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Galerie VS=NL Rotterdam 3 july 2015

Esther Jiskoot (beelden) en Gabriëlle van de Laak (schilderijen)

Festive opening: Friday July, 2015 | 6 - 9 PM 18 - 21 uur
Schiedamsedijk 51 | Schilderstraat 5, 3011 ER Rotterdam, NL
The exhibition will be on view until August 15, 2015



Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn


This duo show of Esther Jiskoot and Gabrielle van de Laak is about ‘artist hood’: the never-ending quest of an artist as both a human being and creator.

Both artists are unafraid to be lead by their ‘instinct’ during their creative process.

Their work evolves through the interaction between the senses, intuition and ratio. This way of working might lead them to unbeaten paths, giving them the chance to get lost and find new ways, how small they might be, to channel their energy into works of art.

Although Jiskoot’s and Van de Laak’s creative process is similar, there are substantive differences in outcome. Van de Laak’s works demonstrate a spatial abstract approach where form and color reign. Jiskoot’s organic sculptures highlight mankind’s aspects in all its fragility.


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